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In case the chosen product has a "pre-order"  title it may be out of stock. To confirm whether we have stock please contact us by phone: +37122071044 or email:

What is pre-order? 

A pre-order is a paid order of goods that are not in the store's warehouse yet.

How do I pre-order? 

Pre-ordering is carried out in the same way as ordering goods in stock, only with a delay in the delivery to the buyer.

Why is prepayment required?

Pre-ordering from the supplier is carried out only after the buyer pays for the goods.

If the pre-order is not delivered on time?

The store manager will warn you about the delay, and if you do not agree to wait longer, we will gladly give you a refund.

Delivery times for pre-orders:

  • Helmets: 2 weeks

  • Gloves: 2 weeks

  • Jackets: 2 weeks

  • Accessories: 2 weeks

  • Spare parts: 2 weeks

  • Electric moped: 8-12 weeks (prepayment 30% of the total price)

  • Electric bike: 8-12 weeks (prepayment 30% of the total price)

Upon the arrival of a pre-order at the warehouse, the manager will contact you and agree on the details of the delivery of goods or receiving them in the store.

We are ready to answer your questions by phone: +37122071044 or e-mail:

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