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Electroller offers a wide range of electric vehicles and accessories for a safe and enjoyable ride. Here you will find:

  • Folding electric mountain and city bikes;

  • Two-wheeled and three-wheeled electric mopeds / scooters;

  • Protective helmets;

  • Motorcycle jackets;

  • Motorcycle gloves;

  • Spare parts for motorcycle and bicycle transport.


We are a young company that opened in 2020 and since then has been constantly improving and developing, thanks to responsive clients and a motivated team.


Our mission

Daily traffic jams are the scourge of megacities. Electromobility reduces harmful emissions and adverse impacts, including urban noise pollution.

We are introducing sustainable and modern travel alternatives and raising public awareness of how to make cities cleaner, quieter, and more comfortable.


Customer in the first place

The Electroller team is committed to providing a one-stop solution for urban mobility for everyone, whether you are an office worker, courier, student, athlete or young mom. When you shop at Electroller, rest assured that you will receive a fully functional vehicle. We are also ready to help you transport your electric moped or bicycle to CSDD registration.


Electricity is the future?

The popularity and technical capabilities of electric vehicles are growing every year, giving the driver undeniable advantages that are inaccessible to owners of vehicles powered by fossil fuels. Among them:

  • Environmental friendliness;

  • Silence;

  • Compactness;

  • Economic profitability;

  • Travel speed;

  • Accessible and free parking;

  • 0% electric vehicle tax (Republic of Latvia).

Enjoy the advantages of modern transport and choose the right scooter, bicycle or electric moped for yourself!

I want to make a purchase!

Our website will help you quickly and easily purchase the product you are interested in and ask your questions.


Visit the Electroller store in Riga at  E. Birznieka-Upisa street, 18 to view all products and take a test drive.



Safe and beautiful!

We care about the safety of our customers and offer a variety of helmets for mopeds and motorcycles. The helmet will protect the head and face from cold, moisture, dust, small stones and midges, and also reduce damage in case of a traffic accident. We pay attention not only to the functionality of helmets but also to the appearance: choose from over 40 designs for men, women, and children. A stylish jacket and a pair of motorcycle gloves will help complete the look.


Why Electroller?

The name of the company is created by combining the words electro and roller, which are united by the image of the source of electricity. Orange reflects the politics of Electroller - a symbol of vitality, dynamics, and positivity.


Environmental friendliness

Low maintenance costs

Easy parking

Convenient charging

Traffic avoidance

Road tax reduction

Innovative lifestyle

Cutback of noise pollution

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